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Calamansi Juice for her Colds

My daughter is not feeling well but she has slight fever only, thanks God. She has colds since yesterday and last night she was unease and wake up from time to time. Good thing, she still managed to attend school this morning and her teacher said she has slight fever but it didn’t affect her performance in school today.

One hour ago I checked her temperature and it was 75.4°C. I gave her paracetamol. I hope the colds she has won’t last long, thankful it’s only colds and no cough at all. Even though she has colds since yesterday  I didn’t give any medicines I’m just giving her Ceelin chewables  which is her vitamin daily , its provide vitamic C so I hope it will help.

I also harvested calamansi from our small tree so I made calamansi juice for her, its reach in Vitamin C so I hope her colds will be gone and also to prevent her from getting cough. By the way I used hot water for her calamansi juice, for me cold water is not advisable since the colds might be worse. 

calamansi photo calamansi_zps09e194b8.jpg