Milk Tea Kills Two People in Just a Short Time

I’m not a milk tea lover but fatal incident happened last week was alarming. The girl customer and the owner of Ergo Cha Milk Tea House died last Friday because of milk tea. However, the boy who first tasted milk tea has been admitted in the hospital.

The Department of Health coordinated with the Food and Drug Administration and toxicologists from University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital for the investigation. And the preliminary investigation found no trace of toxic substance like cyanide, nitrite, nitrate and arsenic from the sample. Because of this, they have expanded the investigation and will test oxalic acid (from preservatives), Nitrobenzene (found in dye), Organophosphate (from pesticides) and lead substance.

According to the report, the girl victim experienced retching, dizziness, loss of consciousness, twitching of extremities, and pallor, which happened three minutes after intake.

The owner of the shop who prepared the milk tea, tasted the tea and three minutes after he drank the milk tea, he experienced weakness, loss of consciousness, and generalized tonic-clonic convulsion.

The boy who first tasted the milk tea experienced fast breathing, chest tightness, weakness of extremities, and carpopedal spasm seven minutes after he sipped the tea.

Initial signs and symptoms of poisoning according to DOH are vomiting, diarrhea, muscle weakness, impaired or loss of consciousness.

Always remember that poisoning is deadly, so no matter the level of poisoning, DOH said the victim should be brought to the nearest hospital right away. They also mentioned what happened was an isolated case of food poisoning so there’s no reason for milk tea lovers to stop drinking this beverage.

Borosilicate Glass be Used as Very Popular Reactor Glass

In modern industries, various types of devices always play a key role, for example: chemical reactor is very useful in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. And modern chemical reactor usually is made from borosilicate glass and this glass reactor is very popular and useful on the market with its advantages.

In the English ¨C speaking world, Pyrex is the synonym for borosilicate glass since Corning Glass Works introduced Pyrex in 1915. Nevertheless, the first man who developed borosilicate glass was German glassmaker Otto Schott in the late 19th century. Borosilicate glass get a reputation for its very low coefficients of thermal expansion; and this has ability to resistant to thermal shock. At the same time, borosilicate glass is less subject to thermal stress and is commonly used for the construction of reagent bottles. In short, featured with silica and boron trioxide as the main glass-forming constituents, borosilicate glass has so many advantages which so important for most fields.

Borosilicate glass – different from jacketed reactor, also can resistant to extreme temperatures and chemical corrosion, this is because it includes at least 5% boric oxide. Boron trioxide is one of the oxides of boron and is almost always found as the vitreous form. It can be crystallized after extensive annealing; however it is one of the most difficult compounds to crystallize. As a hard glassy material, granular in texture, boric oxide is soluble in water but at a much slower rate than boric acid; also it slowly absorbs water and revert to boric acid once exposed to the atmosphere.

In addition to be used in manufacture of borosilicate glass, boric oxide also can be used in other field, for example: fluxing agent for glass and enamels, the inert capping layer in the LEC process of the production of gallium arsenide single crystal, staring material for synthesizing other boron compounds such as boron carbide, as an very excellent solvent of metallic oxides at high temperature in metallurgy, and so on.

In above, we have mentioned that borosilicate glass cab be used to resistant to corrosion. Here let us talk about the importance of anti-corrosion. Corrosion is the gradual destruction of materials by chemical reaction with their environment; the common examples in daily life include rusting, oxygen, and so on. Corrosion can occur in many materials like metals, ceramics or polymers. It is well known that corrosion can lead to serious result, for example: strength is lost, pure form of metal is lost, lose most of the properties of materials. This is why anti-corrosion is so important in modern chemical industry. In this case, a material with anti-corrosion features always appeared to be very popular.

As a matter of fact, there are other materials used in industries, for example: quartz, sodium, carbonate, and aluminum oxide. However, borosilicate glass always is the very popular material, this is because other materials have their advantages, for example: quartz is expensive than borosilicate glass.

In conclusion, chemical reactor made from borosilicate glass is very popular on today¡¯s market.

ALS and Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice bucket challenge became viral here in the Philippines. Regardless of the age and status of life people participate in this challenge. I saw ordinary people, politicians and celebrities made effort to join in this challenge. Before, I thought this was done for fun only but later on I realized it’s actually done to have an awareness of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease. This is also called Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS is a progressive disease that attacks the nerve cells that control voluntary muscles. Both the brain and spinal cord lose the ability to initiate and send messages to the muscles in the body.

Are you aware of ALS? I learned few things about this disease from a medical TV show. Based on them, ALS disease is rare and only few cases in the Philippines but still we should be aware and give support to those who have this illness.

ALS Symptoms:

  • Slurring of speech or trouble swallowing
  • Muscle cramps and twitching in arms, shoulders and tongue
  • Difficulty holding head up or keeping a good posture

All symptoms do not manifest through numbness and pain. It’s not contagious and cannot spread from person to person. Classical sporadic ALS most commonly occurs in people between the ages 40-60.


  • Gene mutation
  • Chemical imbalance
  • Disorganized immune response
  • Protein mishandling

Risk Factors

  • Smoking
  • Pesticides Exposure

Tests and Diagnosis

  • Electromyogram (EMG)
  • Nerve conduction study
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Blood and urine tests
  • Spinal tap (lumbar puncture)
  • Muscle biopsy

Once diagnosed with ALS it doesn’t affect cognitive or intellectual. The mind is still intact. It doesn’t damage person’s mind. Personality, intelligence, memory and self-awareness remain the same. All the senses, sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste are still intact. As of now ALS does not have treatment yet. The things we can do are support, help and understanding.

By the way, there is FB page for ALS patients in the Philippines. I’m not sure of the exact page name but they aim to help ALS patients. If you want to support do check their page. Donations all over the world would be used to further research of ALS and help ALS patients.

Outdoor Activities and What to Wear

Shopping online has been a trend lately. Before I don’t like the idea because I have doubt if the product will be delivered in the house. I found an online site that gives points everything you visit the site. The accumulated points are good as cash so you can use this to pay for any of the items. When I had enough points I made my first purchased. I told to myself that it’s fine if the product won’t arrive because I didn’t pay any bucks. But the product arrived safely in our doorstep. I think I received 6-10 items from this site using my accumulated points. And all these transactions were smooth and no dilemma at all. I tried to buy in different online stores using my own money and happy with my experience so far.

I got to check this website that sells huge collection of active wear. Nowadays, I have seen many people engage in different outdoor activities. We know that this thing is good because it gives benefit to our health. I haven’t started but i’m willing to do outdoor activities. It would be nice if I have proper outfit for any of the activities i would be engaging in the near future. The site I saw earlier have all these stuff with great discounts so I might visit the site again. 

38th National Milo Marathon in Lucena

The 38th National Milo Marathon was held earlier here in Lucena. There were many Lucenahin participated in the event though it was started at 3am. The starting place was at SM City Lucena. The runners were blessed with good weather plus Coach Rio de la Cruz the running entrepreneur was here also to join the said activity.

I heard the expected participants were 8 thousand but surprisingly more than 10 thousand participated in the event. I didn’t participate but i saw the participants after the marathon. I also saw photos of my young nephew participated in the event.  50 runners were qualified for the National Finals.  Philippine Air Force Airman Anthony Nerza and Philippine Army Private Janice Tawagin showcased their running powers as they denominated in the 21K events. The two runners will join the country’s runners in the quest of getting the MILO Marathon King and Queen Crowns. The winners will also be sent in Tokyo, Japan for the 2015 Marathon.

After the success of this activity, the marathon will continue to head to Puerto Princesa (September 7), Lipa (September 14), Iloilo (September 21), Bacolod (September 28). For complete list of places and dates visit Milo’s official website. 

College Days Celebration

After almost a week celebration of college days in my daughter’s school were back in school again. Today is the start of second quarter and I know for sure the lesson will become harder until the last quarter by the end of March. Well before I think of that days let me remember what happened during college days celebration. My daughter is a transferee in her latest school and our first time to witness their celebration. Daughter is in grade 1 so most of the time they weren’t part of the activities.

Part of the celebration, the school brought some rides for the students to enjoy. My daughter had fun riding on these rides. Yah, there were rides in school but just limited rides and just simple rides not the roller coaster type.

The last activity of the celebration was field demonstration. All the levels from kinder to grade 10 participated in the said activity. Also, the lyre band in their school had an exhibition as part of the field demo. I wonder if they got their instruments in musians friend. Anyway, it would be fun if they chose songs that listeners could enjoy. I mean dance medley would be nice.